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Lightbulb moment: The trouble with investing is that everyone is emotional with their own money. We're never emotional with your money.


28 Mar

The Business of Medicine

12:00 PM - Emory University - Psychiatry

10 May

The Business of Medicine

2:30 PM - Emory- Department of Critical Care

22 May

The Business of Medicine

9:00 AM - Wellstar - Department of Family Medicine

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WealthMD was founded by Seth Cohn and Scott Varon. Originally college friends, they reconnected in 2002 as seasoned financial services professionals and quickly discovered they had similar financial philosophies.

Years before they went into practice together, Seth had seen firsthand that doctors received little education on personal finances and efficient practice management. As Seth and Scott joined forces, they continued to enhance the popular Business of MedicineTM lecture series. 

Seth and Scott put their heads together and decided they could expand the lecture series to additional teaching hospitals in Atlanta and beyond. The partnership grew from there, and together they co-founded the firm now known as WealthMD.

Today, WealthMD’s team of advisors focuses on the financial planning needs of healthcare professionals – from residents to established physicians to CRNAs, in almost every single specialty.