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Lightbulb moment: Physicians are business owners, and every business needs a business plan and an exit strategy. What is yours?


06 Aug

The Business of Medicine

8:00 AM - Emory University - Department of Urology

19 Aug

The Business of Medicine

12:00 PM - Morehouse - Department of Psychiatry

27 Aug

Business of Medicine

8:00 AM - Emory - Department of Urology

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WealthMD’s Business of MedicineTM lecture series is integrated into the curricula of a growing number of teaching hospitals, and offers medical residents and fellows the opportunity to learn about financial fundamentals before entering practice. It's a great fit for your next grand round, journal club, or offsite meeting.

Our lecture series reviews the following concepts:

  • Introduction to financial planning for physicians
  • Disability income insurance: protect your most valuable asset
  • Restrictive covenants and contract negotiations
  • Improved practice management: streamline your practice finances
  • Practical applications: building and exploring a case study

To view upcoming Business of MedicineTM lectures, please visit our Events page.