Critical Info for Final Affairs Checklist

While the guide to what your loved ones need to know details all of the information a person should organize to ensure their house is in order, we know it can be overwhelming to tackle all of that at once.

This checklist is designed to illuminate how easy or difficult it would be for loved ones to handle your final affairs in the event of your death or disability.

  • I have shared the starting point for locating all critical documents and information (i.e. a safety deposit box, my attorney, etc.)
  • I have a formal will and have shared its location
  • I have shared my health insurance, physician, and medications information
  • I have designated a power of attorney
  • I have designated a health care proxy
  • I have designated guardianship of my children
  • I have recently reviewed my beneficiaries on all relevant policies and accounts
  • I have shared passwords and account numbers for my:
    • Bank accounts
    • Retirement accounts
    • Investment accounts
  • I have shared information about my bills that are currently on autopay
  • I have shared policy information for
    • Long term care insurance
    • Disability income insurance
    • Life insurance
  • I have someone receiving duplicate copies of bills for my insurance policies