Alex Hall


Raised in the small coastal town of Beaufort, SC, Alex Hall grew up loving the outdoors. This love of being outside lead to summer jobs of cutting grass, working on golf courses and at local pools. Alex found out quickly that he had an entrepreneurial spirit.

After high school, Alex attended the University of South Carolina and earned a degree in Economics with a minor in Business Management. “During this time”, says Alex, “an unexpected death in my family showed me first-hand the importance of personal financial planning and how life can deal many different obstacles. I then shifted my focus on learning how to use my financial knowledge and personal experience to better the financial lives of the people that I cared most about, my family and friends.”

Alex moved to Atlanta after college and started his career in financial planning. In the summer of 2019 Alex joined WealthMD as an apprentice and began building his practice in the medical space with WealthMD. Initially working with them on their The Business of Medicine lecture series, and business development, Alex is now an Associate Financial Advisor with WealthMD and plans to sit for his CFP examinations in the coming months.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys golfing, boating, hiking, and listening to live music. He also enjoys attending Atlanta and South Carolina sporting events.

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