Anna Ferguson

    Director of Client Services

    Introducing Anna, the friendly face of WealthMD and the first point of contact for clients and guests. As a key member of the team, she responds to account questions, implements service requests, and assists in managing calendars and scheduling for the firm’s advisors.
    Anna’s dedication to her work is matched only by her love of learning. She is an avid reader and always eager to expand her knowledge and skill set. Outside of work, Anna is actively involved in her church and neighborhood, volunteering her time to make a positive impact in her community. When she’s not busy with work or community service, Anna enjoys spending time in nature with her husband Drew and their dog Filmore. Whether they’re hiking, camping, or simply enjoying a walk in the park, Anna finds peace and joy in the great outdoors.
    With her warm personality, sharp mind, and deep commitment to her work and community, Anna is a true asset to the WealthMD team. She sets the tone for the firm’s welcoming atmosphere and helps ensure that clients and guests receive the best possible experience.

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