Seth Cohn

Founding Partner

Born into a family of doctors and lawyers, Seth Cohn presumed he would follow a similar professional path. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Physiology, Seth studied for the MCATs but decided medicine was not in his future. An internship with a stockbroker led him to acknowledge that he had a natural knack for the world of finance.

Looking back, Seth recalls a strong interest in individual stocks that were gifted to him as a child. “I understood the value of a dollar at an early age,” he says. Once it was clear that he wanted to pursue finance, Seth remembers going home to his father and announcing that he was going to become a financial planner: “I didn’t know how, but I knew I would figure it out!”

An encounter with an established physician was the catalyst to what would eventually become WealthMD. In-depth conversations with this physician and others led Seth to the realization that while doctors were clearly trained on the clinical aspects of their profession, there was little education on the efficient and profitable management of a practice, nor on management of a physician’s personal finances. “The feedback I received,” says Seth, “was that many physicians had risked and lost so much simply by being uninformed and misguided.” The popular Business of MedicineTM lecture series that Seth and his team offer to medical professionals today was born out of those conversations.

As the founding partner of WealthMD, Seth splits his time running a very busy financial services practice focused exclusively on the financial planning needs of physicians, meeting with clients throughout the country, and presenting lectures and seminars on the specific financial challenges faced by physicians. Seth insists that clients go through a thorough financial planning process. “Only a comprehensive review will ensure that we address every area of need,” he says.

Outside of work, Seth and his wife Valerie have two sons – Aaron and Jacob. They enjoy traveling, the arts, and good food! When Seth can, he likes to watch Georgia football games and catch up with friends. He is particularly passionate about his tight-knit extended family, and makes time to see them as often as possible. He is active in the Jewish community, enjoys running, and is involved in various philanthropic endeavors in and around Atlanta.

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